Elena shows us how to makeup and disguise thinning hair with Kmax Hair Fibers


Tutorial Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers

-Elena will use Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers in Light Brown to cover the receding temples

    How to use

  1. Shake well the Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers before use.
  2. Open the Kmax Milano Concealing Hair Fibers bottle and remove the sprinkler cap.
  3. Place the Kmax Milano Applicator on the Milano Concealing Hair Fibers bottle.
  4. Lightly spray the Kmax Milano Concealing Hair Fibers over the areas you want to cover.
  5. Hold the bottle at a distance of 10-15cm over the areas you want to cover.
  6. Gently pat your hair for the fibers to distribute evenly.
  7. You are ready!


Kmax Concealing Hair Fibers is a revolutionary finely textured fiber substance that binds electrostatically to your existing thinning, fine and semitransparent hair, producing an incredible thickening effect in a matter of seconds and concealing the shiny areas of the scalp.

Available in 9 different natural shades:

Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Blonde, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Grey
And four different sizes: 3gr (Traverl Size), 12,5gr (Regular Size), 27,5gr (Economy Size) and 55gr (Refill)