Hair fibers are an effective and side-effects-less solution to thinning hair problems

The use of products that conceal and/or disguise thinning hair and hair loss is the most affordable economic solution with many advantages and important limitations.

Indeed, even if millions people already use such products, they are still not completely widespread and the use of such products goes unnoticed by everyone. Of course, I am not just talking about people on TV or public life, but about everyday's people who move between us, colleague, neighbor and friend.

How aesthetically good a result will be by using such a product depends on the range of alopecia, the area of the head that suffers, the type of product and how it is used.

The success of any hair concealing product is based on the fact that they eliminate the contrast of the color of the skin with that of the hair, giving the successful illusion of dense hair at the hairloss affected area. However, their application can only be done in places with even a sparse hair growth, since in the empty spots the skin discoloration will be immediately apparent. But in places where there are hairs to "tie" and cover this area, the result is often good.

Hair Microfibers (Hair fibers) products are different from the other products and belong to the NANO-particle product categories that came into market only in recent years. Products, unlike the others, do not rely on direct skin coloration to reduce skin-hair contrast.

Hair Fibers products are made of keratin fibers of the same hair type natural hair,  and once sprinkled on the hair give the impression of an absolutely natural, denser hair growth.

The use is made in the same way that one throws salt into the food, ie shaking the pot up and down slightly to drop the microfibers on the existing hair with which they will unite through the natural static electric charge that the hair has. The microfibers are attached to the hair and remain until the next wash. The result can be likened to the image of a forest with trees with cut branches (before) and a forest with branches with branches (after), where the microfibers are likened to the branches as they are joined almost vertically to the hairs of the head and make them To look much thicker than before.

The microfibre compound should be enhanced by the use of a lacquer to maintain the effect, since the microfibre and hair bond is significantly improved. It is obvious that the use of the product can only be done on points with existing hair that has weakened and thinned, since the completely empty hairy spots with the lint can not hold the microfibers well. However, where the correct application is made, the result is excellent and the location of its use is impossible even from a very short distance.

An important advantage of this category of products is that their ingredients are perfectly natural because they are made of natural wool like the sweater we wear. For this reason, they are recommended by doctors freely, even a few days after the hair follicle transplant, since it does not dye the skin and can cover the temporary gums of the surgery without interfering with the healing process